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Idolight –
10 April 2024
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Happy Eid

The latest generation Idolight RGB LED decorations and smart lights have brightened up again central London, spreading the joy of the Ramadan holy month to all communities
with colors and shapes inspired by tradition.

Geometric patterns from the Arab world combined with modern shapes, narrate the passage of time from Sunrise to Sunset.

Rays of light come alive thanks to custom-made crossings and emotional shades of colors.

Ramadan Symbols enliven streets with latest generation RGB LEDs, modern inserts and soft garlands.

Idolight Team designs and plans always in consultation with the customer, the best solutions to meet aesthetic requirements and technical needs of assembly and set-up: thanks to a thorough study of the decorations installed, the message of Happy Ramadan will be easily transformed into Happy Eid.

We thank our partners Field and Lawn and Aisha Desai, founder of Ramadan Lights UK, for the fantastic collaboration.

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