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Idolight –
20 August 2018
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“End of Summer” promotion

FROM 22 TO 31 AUGUST 2018

Key to success is planning, don’t wait till the last moment! Only for August’s last week, it is possible to use the Idolight “End-of-Summer” Promotion on all products presented in August’s News.

Those who arrive first will enjoy three advantages that make the difference:

  1. 20% extra discount for Idolight “End-of-Summer”** Promotion
  2. Wide choice of bright decorations, 3D snowmen, giant crossable spheres and so much more
  3. Possibility to request personalisation of presented products***

Don’t miss the possibility to plan your project, take advantage of this promotion that is only valid for a few days!


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(*) 20% discount will be added to the current client discount agreed on 2018 official pricelist
(**) Promotion will be valid for orders confirmed from 22 to 31 August 2018
(***) It is possible to request personalisation for some product to make unique your project

 “End-of-Summer” Promotion