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Idolight –
19 April 2023
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LED PRO Safety & Power First

Quality First

It’s Idolight’s most memorable and developed range of professional products: specifically conceived to improve the realisation of light decorative stagings, it’s composed of a wide and deep range of products and accessories, essential to achieve the satisfaction of the most varied and demanding needs.

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LED Curtains 24V
Available in dimensions 79x59in this product is suitable for large-scale decoration, ideal for shopping centres and buildings facades.

LED Icicle 24V
One of the most flexible product Idolight makes available to its customers.
Made to fit both decoration of terraces, fences, porches, lofts, galleries, and decoration of streets and avenues.

LED Net 24V
Idolight Net Light guarantees a higher yield compared with single LED models.
These nets are ideal for gardens, trees and bushes.

LED Strings 24V
The basic, simplest and more ductile decoration offered by Idolight.
This product is at the bottom of every linear lighting decoration.

LED RGB Strings 24V
Idolight RGB LED Strings allow to realize countless lighting projects with the possibility to manage the color through specific controllers.
A line of accessories specifically designed for the creation of large projects.

LED Rope Light 24V
Always at the forefront in terms of quality and safety, Idolight LED Rope light reels are made of self-extinguishing PVC, for professional use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

LED Falling Star 36V
Light drops with asynchronous speed of descents.
Each drop is managed by a specific controller and works independently. The light fall effect is unique and exclusive.

LED Lamps
Innovation in traditional decoration
with LED lamps.
Lamps with:
– E14 base
– E27 base
– B22 base
built with fixed LED Light technology and flashing.

Low Voltage Accessories
Cables, extensions, caps and much more…
Everything you need to complete the decoration of your area.