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Idolight –
16 March 2020
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A galaxy of light

Constantly chasing new challenges 

Last Christmas, we realised an unprecedented installation for Georgia’s capital city. Unlike previous years, we had the opportunity to design and set up, in addition to the city’s main streets, also some of the squares of the city, resulting in a monumental and immersive decoration. 

Planets and galaxies have been the leading theme of the project and have been flooding with light the capital, transforming it in a huge planetarium and enhancing its natural beauty.

One of the most attractive items was without any doubt HALLY 600, that in its Color-X edition enchanted everybody with light and color effects, turning Orbeliani Square in a lively meeting point, thanks also to the presence of ERD 500, the bright globe signed by Idolight. 

Planets, colourful galaxies and stars lit up Rustaveli Avenue, going up to Freedom Square, where a fall of coloured satellites embraced the impressive obelisk, landmark of the square.

Going through Chavchavadze Avenue, surmounted by a multitude of angels, GREEN FIR 2500 was on full display in all its magnificence: the 25-meters-high tree overlooked the whole city, becoming the highest tree in our products’ catalogue.

This project is an extraordinary example of close collaboration with the client, a partnership that during the years grew richer in new challenges and great satisfaction.

Idolight is able to satisfy every personalisation idea: starting from customer’s requests, our staff draw up a tailor made proposal that will surely end up… in an awesome result!