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Idolight –
12 August 2020
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LED ST180: The richer String lights of the range

Thanks to the high density of LEDs

The high density of LED makes Idolight ST180 the richer string of the range ideal for luxury projects.

Idolight LED ST180 has very low power consumption, low maintenance, with a selection of colour temperature and rubber cable colour options, from warm white to white LED, white or black cables.

LED ST180 high density IP67 LED String light has twice as many LEDs per metre as standard LED String light. 

Ideal for fast installation into many applications including trees, street canopy, façade, medium and large scale projects 

IP67 rating allows outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. Very low power consumption 1.38W per metre only, it is extendable up to 200 meters with a single power supply with no affection on brightness and intensity