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Idolight –
4 July 2018
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Lights and fun

Only when the magic spirit of Christmas makes way in the heart of the people we can be sure a good job has been done.
Idolight, with his masterful LED innovation and a little drop of fantasy, is proud to propose funny settings to once again find joy and light heartedness.

It is possible to interact with 3D real-sized structures such as ZENZY 350, the jolly marzipan house, or create – by pairing with akin subjects – thematic isles where kids can play freely, and the grownup can step back to
the genuine happiness of childhood.

More than one product from our Brilliant collection leads this way: the giant Santa Klaus MR KRISS 500 and its accessories captivate the public following the tracks of tradition, the gingerbread man CHEF BREADY 350, with its related candies and cookies, can amaze thanks to their less common though joyful LED and carpet colours and lend a sweet taste to any setting.

Thanks to the wide range of products it is possible to create many different settings, everyone and each of them focused on interaction with audience, because when Christmas steps in, imagination comes borderless!