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Idolight –
20 June 2018
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The right alchemy between elegance and simplicity

Quite likely, there’s not a golden rule to decorate wide spaces of commercial areas, but indeed there’s a prefect gold to emanate a warm, enveloping, Christmas-flavoured embrace with refined delicacy, right where Christmas spirit cannot be missing.

That’s the thought that inspired Idolight designing the decorations of Brugnato Outlet: the audacity of golden frames and the refined delicacy of warm white LED combined in a unique set up ruled by precise geometries, conceived to give any visitor a unique, rich and inclusive shopping experience, in an evocative context of luminous balances.

Goldstar 700, the majestic crossable star-shaped gateway – typified by warm white LED masterfully enhanced by golden structures, skillfully enriched by the unique gold disk garland – welcomes customers at the main entrance, introducing them to a delightful promenade topped with greenery decked with traditional red and gold baubles.

Icicle LED light, everlasting and timeless thanks to its effective versatility and its ease of use, is the ideal frame to envelope the shopping routes to the main square, beating heart of Brugnato Outlet, where Starbox 400 is displayed: this sparkling, crossable giant giftbox is the center of attention of a project specifically conceived to lead ad add value to Christmas time shopping with a trail of stars.